Scoobo+ Adaptive Trike


Get Ahead, Whatever The Terrain

Sporty and powerful – a smooth ride with the Scoobo+ through town and country. Alongside an electric drive system from Bosch (Performance Line CX motor with Cargoline software) and a powerful 545 Wh battery, our top-of-the-line model also features a Rohloff 14-gear hub. Another premium extra is the Bosch Kiox on-board computer with built-in satnav. Simply pair with your mobile over Bluetooth and you’re destination is clear. Our Scoobo+ also keeps you safe while travelling at night, thanks to its Lumotec IQ XS headlights with integrated high beams and the rear light with built-in brake light.

BOSCH Features

  • Torque

    BOSCH Active Line Plus Motor provides a maximum torque of 50 Nm with 270% assistance up to 20 mph and 105 cadence.

  • Range

    The Bosch 400 Wh battery pack has a maximum range of 62 miles.

  • Display

    The Purion display focuses on the essentials and is easy to read in sunlight.

The Bosch Active Line Plus electric-assist system features four levels of power assistance: Eco - 40%, Tour - 100%, Sport - 180% and Turbo - 270%. Each level also features a maximum drive torque to ensure smooth, gentle acceleration. The Bosch Active Line Plus delivers assistance up to 20 mph and a cadence of 105. Built for derailleur based drivetrains, it features gear shift detection to provide seamless power through the full range of gears.


Innovative & Strong Support

A premium model that can handle any surface and offers optimum support to the rider. The Performance Line CX motor with Cargoline software (smart system) ensures optimum performance at all speeds and especially at low cadences. Combined with the Kiox display on the advanced pfautec display holder means that many parameters can be adjusted easily using the eBike Flow app – such as the pedal assist between 15 and 25 km/h and the torque of 10 to 85 Nm.

Optimized chain guide

The integrated chain tensioner with suspension from Rohloff and an additional chain guide means the tricycle chain is always perfectly tensioned. This stops chain slip in more energetic manoeuvres with multiple gear changes and also makes the trike more fun to ride. And there’s none of the unnecessary wear and tear and noise from the chain ratcheting back and forth during the ride – because this new solution solves both problems at once.

Available in Satin Gray

  • Brakes

    Hydraulic disc brakes (front and rear) from Tektro with easy-to-use parking brake

  • Drive

    Rohloff 14-gear freewheel hub

  • Tires

    Anti-flat tires

  • Wheels

    Anti-flat tires

  • Motor

    Bosch Performance-Line CX motor with Cargoline software (smart system)

Frame & Geometry

  • Total Length

    1960 mm

  • Total Width

    760 mm

  • Total Height

    1060 – 1110 mm

  • Total Weight


  • Weight Limit

    150 kg

Standard Features

  • Suspension rear swingarm
  • Powerful Bosch Performance-Line CX motor with Cargoline software (smart system)
  • 545 Wh battery
  • Differential for optimal handling

Included Accessories

  • LED remote + Kiox 300



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Safe, comfortable, and with lasting power, the Scoobo takes you through the city and across the country. Equipped with a Bosch Active-Line-Plus motor system and a powerful 500 Wh battery, it is an ideal companion for extended tours, even beyond city limits.


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