Pfautec Scoobo adaptive trike


Safely ride to your destination – in nature & the city

Safe, comfortable, and with lasting power, the Scoobo takes you through the city and across the country. Equipped with a Bosch Active-Line-Plus motor system and a powerful 500 Wh battery, it is an ideal companion for extended tours, even beyond city limits. The hydraulic disc brakes at the rear and front are equipped with a parking brake function and, together with the smooth-running 7-gear Nexus freewheel hub from Shimano, create a pleasant riding experience. The low middle bar also makes getting on and off the tricycle easy.

BOSCH Features

  • Torque

    BOSCH Active Line Plus Motor provides a maximum torque of 50 Nm with 270% assistance up to 20 mph and 105 cadence.

  • Range

    The Bosch 400 Wh battery pack has a maximum range of 62 miles.

  • Display

    The Purion display focuses on the essentials and is easy to read in sunlight.

The Bosch Active Line Plus electric-assist system features four levels of power assistance: Eco - 40%, Tour - 100%, Sport - 180% and Turbo - 270%. Each level also features a maximum drive torque to ensure smooth, gentle acceleration. The Bosch Active Line Plus delivers assistance up to 20 mph and a cadence of 105. Built for derailleur based drivetrains, it features gear shift detection to provide seamless power through the full range of gears.


Efficient Beyond City Limits

The Scoobo combines comfortable and casual cycling in all situations and lets you effortlessly master even longer distances. The electric tricycle is suitable for extended shopping tours, city trips, and relaxing excursions to the countryside. Simple, safe and intuitive to use, our Scoobo is a comfortable vehicle where you have everything firmly in view: Handlebars, pedals, gears, and front wheel are in your field of vision. The large and comfortable seat can also be effortlessly adjusted in height and inclination, so that you may not only relax on your tour, but also have a good overview of the traffic at all times.

Reach Your Destination Safely

For those who like to keep things easy. The comfortable, large seat can be quickly and easily adjusted in height and inclination. This ensures a relaxed seating position from which the traffic situation can be safely overlooked. To stop, just take one foot off the pedal and reach the ground while seated.

  • Brakes

    Hydraulic disc brakes (front and rear) from Tektro with easy-to-use parking brake

  • Tires

    Anti-flat tires

  • Wheels

    Double wall rims

  • Motor

    Bosch Active-Line-Plus mid-motor

Frame & Geometry

  • Total Length

    1960 mm

  • Total Width

    800 mm

  • Total Height

    1060 – 1110 mm

  • Total Weight

    47 kg

  • Weight Limit

    150 kg

Standard Features

  • Easy access
  • Comfortable seating
  • Suspension rear swingarm
  • Powerful Bosch Active-Line-Plus Motor System
  • 500Wh Battery allows up to 75Km range

Included Accessories

  • Purion display



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