Stricker attachable handbikes

Stricker Lipo Lomo Tetra


Dynamic cruising made easy with the handy 16-inch bike. Powerful motor for lots of fun while driving. This handbike is suitable for almost any situation. 

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Product Description

Stricker  Lipo Lomo Tetra “Buggy” Attachable Handbike

Product Details

  • Perfect for a C5-6 quad/tetra
  • Tetra thumb throttle horizontal and vertical – parallel controlled
  • Tetra clamps
  • Griptape on the automatic catch
  • Special brakes
  • 250 Watt Motor – 6 or 15 km/h velocity
  • 16 Inch wheel
  • Battery: 36V 6,75 Ah 1,9 kg
  • 1,2 A Charger – 5 h charging time
  • Riding distance approx. (Flat area): 30 km
  • max. slope with 75 kg driver weight: 14 %
  • Freewheel: very less resistance while rolling backward
  • Weight with battery: 15,30 kg
  • For Transport without battery: 13,2 kg
  • V-brake and disc brake
  • Kickstand
  • Throttle right at the handle
  • Brake handle with interruption
  • 3 level switch for motor power
  • LED Lamp with battery, speedometer
  • Display with the current battery capacity, the total number of cycle, battery temperature and speed

Additional information

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