bike-on community handcycle grip package

Bike-On Community Grip Package


Never before has the process of making all your handcycle users feel comfortable been easier!


Bike-On Community Handcycle Grip Package

Our Community Handcycle Grip Package has been a welcome relief to Adaptive Sports Programs and other venues where handcycles are shared by a wide range of users. We’ve been doing handcycle clinics for years and work with Recreation and Physical Therapists. To a person, these folks are dedicated and resourceful. When a person wants to ride a handcycle, they find a way to get the job done! In the early days (before our C5 grips) a quad had to ace bandaged or even duct-tape (Yikes!!) their hands to the handcycle grips. Our C5 Handcycle grips got us halfway there, making the ride accessibly dignified, but we were still left with the prospects of wrenching off those handcycle grips for the next person to ride. The logical next step was to make the swap out easier. That’s where our Community Handcycle Grip Package comes in. This Bike-On Innovation makes it all seamless!! Start with a receiver that is threaded onto the crank arms. Now, slide on the grip of choice to suit the handcycle rider’s needs! Seamless Interchangeability! Never before has the process of making all your handcycle users feel comfortable been easier! Therapists, put your wrenches away!! Customize the ride for the handcyclist. Folks with one weak grip and one strong can use a C5 handcycle grip on one side and a horizontal or vertical handcycle grip on the other….next handcyclist up can easily slide in two verticals and go!! We think you will agree that this is a must-have for all shared handcycle programs.

Community Handcycle Grip Package, another Bike-On Innovationis offered EXCLUSIVELY through, The Handcycle Store


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Bike-On Community Grip Package