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bike-on handcycle lift seat

Bike-On Handcycle Lift Seat


More power to Handcyclists. Power lift, in a jiff!


Bike-On Handcycle Lift Seat

Power Lift, In a Jiff!

One of the most popular talking points for us in the handcycle business is transfer obstacles. As handcycles have gotten lower and lower to the ground, transfer issues have kept many folks from realizing the real freedom of handcycling. They get an upright handcycle as a compromise, or worse, pass on the entire experience. This Handcycle Lift Seat resolves the problem very effectively. It is small enough to move around and carry with you (around 20 pounds) and since it is battery operated you can bring it to the local bike path and transfer independently. As an aside, it is handy for getting up from the floor or as a pool lift as well. A fully charged battery will provide 4-5 lifts.


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