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Much more than an off-the-shelf handcycle with fat tires, the all-new Lasher Sport ATH -All Terrain Handcycle was specifically designed for use offroad yet it is still very adept on the pavement.

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Lasher Sports ATH Rigid Frame All Terrain Handcycle

This bike is much more than an off-the-shelf handcycle with fat tires, the all-new Lasher Sport ATH -All Terrain Handcycle was specifically designed for use offroad yet it is still very adept on the pavement.  A generous 6” of ground clearance helps handcyclists get over rough trails and gnarly terrain.  That’s enough clearance to pop up or drop down a standard height curb when biking in the concrete jungle.

The handcycle frame is built from custom extruded ovalized magnesium for maximum strength and durability.  The forks and backrest are built from 6061-T6 aluminum.  The seatback connects to the axle with dual adjustable supports for additional triangulated rigidity.

The ATH Handcycle comes with more wheel options than any other handcycle.  The standard 26” mountain bike wheels can be outfitted with any 26” mountain bike tire sold in your local bike shop, so servicing the wheels is easy.  The standard wheelset includes quick release 26” (559) rear wheels with Schwalbe mountain bike tires, the same wheel size as a 25” (559) wheelchair wheel, so you can use the same wheels on your wheelchair as you do on your handcycle.  You may opt for the bolt-on rear wheel option which can be outfitted with or without hydraulic disc brakes.  You can also get an extra set of 650c road wheels and easily convert your ATH to a road bike. This will also lower the cycle an extra inch to the ground.  You may choose a Spinergy 29er wheelset which adds an extra inch and a half of ground clearance… a whopping 7.5” of ground clearance!  Or, if you’re into winter hand biking (or beach hand biking), you may choose to go with a 4” wide tire on an 80mm rim.  This provides for 7” of ground clearance.

Wheel Sizes Options:
25″ (559) wheelchair wheel
26″ (559) mountain bike wheel
29er (622) mountain bike wheel
26″ (559) 80mm wide winter wheel
650c (571) road wheel

700c (622) road wheel

Since the ATH Handcycle is a front-wheel drive, the riding position is familiar and comfortable.  With the seating designed to be more upright and forward, there is plenty of weight on the front-drive wheel to get up relatively steep slopes without drive wheel slip.  This handbike wasn’t designed for extremely steep hills or crazy slopes, but it will perform exceptionally well when you want to go trail riding with your mountain bike friends.

The base ATH Handcycle comes with Shimano SLX components (which are a pretty exceptional component set) and Avid hydraulic disc brakes, some of the best you can put on a bike.  From there, you may opt for the Shimano XT or XTR component set.  Or, mix and match each component individually.  It’s your handbike, so you can choose what goes on it.

If accessories are important to you, the ATH Handcycle has got them. Your ATH Handbike can be outfitted with LED headlights and tail lights for night time handcycling. A Custom made frame-mounted bag for cross country or overnight trips, front and rear fenders, click strap seatbelt, integrated hydration system, cycle computer system from Garmin, even a head-mount or frame mount ContourHD camera system to make your own YouTube adventure videos. The ATH Handcycle was designed to accommodate all these accessories… and more are being worked on.

Finally, you want your handbike to look good when you’re riding it.  The ATH Handcycle comes in 19 standard powder coat color choices and 48 optional powder coat color choices for a total of over 60 colors!  Then we put on our color-matched reflective decals so your bike is more visible when riding at night.

If you’re looking for a handcycle that can take you beyond the pavement, this bike is for you!

The ATH Rigid frame comes in 3 variation levels. Please view the comparison table below for all options.

Base Price$7,595$8,695$9,895
Weight *40 pounds (23 kg)40 pounds (23 kg)40 pounds (23 kg)
Frame MaterialMagnesiumMagnesiumMagnesium
Wheel Set26″, 27.5″, 29er, Fat26″, 27.5″, 29er, Fat26″, 27.5″, 29er, Fat
Fork MaterialAluminumAluminumAluminum
SeatingTension Adjustable NylonTension Adjustable NylonTension Adjustable Nylon
BackAdjustable Depth
Adjustable Angle
Adjustable Depth
Adjustable Angle
Adjustable Depth
Adjustable Angle
Drive WheelMultiple OptionsMultiple OptionsMultiple Options
Drive Wheel BrakeHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Rear WheelsMultiple Options
3/4″ Threaded Axle
Multiple Options
3/4″ Threaded Axle
Multiple Options
3/4″ Threaded Axle
Rear Wheel BrakeOptional Dual Hydraulic DiscOptional Dual Hydraulic DiscOptional Dual Hydraulic Disc
TiresMultiple OptionsMultiple OptionsMultiple Options
Component GroupShimano SLXShimano XTShimano XTR
Choose Model

ATH.1, ATH.2, ATH.3


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