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Replacement Chain Guide Tube

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Finally! High-quality chain tube at a decent price. Super slippery, sound deadening, very durable, abrasion and solvent resistant chain tube. We have this tube custom made for us specifically for chain tubes. 1/2 inch ID, 5/8 inch OD. For your convenience, we sell it in 4in (10cm) increments up to 4ft (120cm) long. If desired, we can flare the ends with our special heat flaring process that thickens as well as flares.

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Recumbent Trike Chain Tube

Product Details

  • Sold in 4in (10cm) increments, so measure your bike or trike and choose the closest size. We recommend going shorter rather than longer unless you have a strong reason to go longer.
  • Floating Chain Tube Holders if you need a good way to mount them. The mount can contribute significantly to the noise and friction in a chain tube. When the chain tube is allowed to float, it makes the minimum amount of contact with the chain, keeping things smooth and quiet.
  • 5/8in (15.8mm) OD with a 1/2in (12.7mm) ID.
  • We flare the ends with a heat process, you can do your own flaring with a heat gun or by forming with a hot conical shape. The heating process we use thickens the end and flares it at the same time.
  • If possible, it’s easiest to drop the chain down through the chain tube while installing it. A piece of wire works well also.
  • Take care not to twist the chain while it goes through the chain tube. This isn’t an issue with tubes shorter than about 20in (50cm), it is more of a possibility with really long runs.
  • Make sure the power side chain isn’t being deflected by your chain tube. You want the power side chain tube to run straight and not push on the chain. On the return side, you have more leeway, but it’s still best to keep things as straight as possible.
  • For use on any bike or trike that needs something to cover or control the chain past certain areas, or to keep your legs clean near the chainrings.
For best pricing, please complete the below form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote!

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  1. Slippery tubing, make sure mounts screws are tight.

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