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terracycle easy knee crank shortener kit

Terracycle Easy Knees Pedal Swing Crank Shortener Kit


Do you have a “bad” knee? Maybe one leg just doesn’t have the same range of motion that the other leg does. The Easy Knees Pedal Swing is designed to help you find the perfect adjustment for each leg, instead of compromising on an adjustment that isn’t really perfect for either leg.


T-Cycle Crank Shortener Kit

Product Details

  • The Easy Knees Pedal Swing comes as a kit, including one crank shortener and one pedal swing. Pedal swings are NOT used in pairs.
  • It’s kind of hard to imagine how the swing works, but if you’ve ever noticed that it’s hard for one of your knees to bend as far as the other one or you’ve noticed that one knee has a hard time straightening out all the way, this is for you. This allows you to maintain a “normal” pedal stroke on your “good” leg, and a modified pedal stroke that will be more gentle for your other leg.


Frame & Geometry



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Terracycle Easy Knees Pedal Swing Crank Shortener Kit